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Graphic Communications Program

Welcome to the exciting world of graphics! With an anticipated 22% industry growth rate, this is a fast paced and ever-changing environment. Units of study include digital media, web design, 2-D animation, intro to 3-d animation, in-depth use of the Adobe software suite, digital photography, and more. Our facilities include newly-equipped Macintosh and Windows computer labs, a green room studio, and a sound room.

The application of current software and hands-on project work prepares you for entry-level positions in media related industries. Upon developing a wide set of skills, you can find employment in a technical position dealing with graphic design, web design, video production, or within the print industry. You will also have the opportunity to take an Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) course to obtain industry certifications. The faculty brings real world experience to the table and classes are project-based. Critical thinking and creativity are brought together in small group projects as well as individual assignments. The department has several options for certificates and degrees.
The latest exciting news is that we are developing a degree program in Video production!


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    Graphic Communications
    This program is for the student considering employment in graphic communications production. Completion of the program will provide entry level skills and a general understanding of production techniques ranging from computerized layout through output in print media, world wide web, interactive multimedia products, and repurposing work for distribution.
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    Graphic Design
    The Graphic Design Option combines aspects of the graphic communication, fine art, and business curricula to provide a foundation in graphic design. The student interested in pre-press operations will receive a background in art and computer graphics with an understanding of the requirements and limitations of production printing.
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    Video Production
    There are a handful of courses that deal with media production, leading to a certificate in digital video, digital media, or visual communications. This is currently our most active area of curriculum development.


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view the Grc video

Students wrote, directed, and produced a promotional video as a class project. They captured the images, edited the footage, obtained a license for use of the music, and recorded the voice-over in the sound room. This is a fine example of the type of creative talent we are striving to achieve in the department. Please realize that resolution was reduced for web delivery.


Craig Polanowski
Graphic Communications program lead
Visual Media Technology Dept.
Applied Technology Division
Fresno City College
1101 E. University Ave.
Fresno, CA 92741
559-442-4600 x8757 (vmail)


Are you interested in producing videos, photos, or audio projects? Do you have a passion for illustration? Are you an actor? a designer? A writer? Consider joining the New Media club and meeting friends with common interests.